Meet Natalie Houston, NDTR

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by to learn more about my proven nutrition solutions. Are you ready to take an important step toward renewal and transformation? My mission, as a licensed Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered, is to help you discover a healthy relationship with food through sustainable eating patterns…not fad, gimmicky diets. Food should be healthy and nutritious. Eating should be fun, it shouldn’t feel like a chore! Let’s make this journey together…

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Natalie Houston

Why Work With Me?

Understanding the many facets of nutrition can be overwhelming. Work with me on my 30 Day Nutrition Intensive or one of my other nutrition solutions and we will take this journey together…every step of the way.

Whole Person Approach

One size does not fit all; we find out what fits you.

Diets Don't Work

We will create a plan that yields sustainable results.

Build Better Habits

Replace bad food habits with good ones.

A Healthy Relationship

Rediscover your love of tasty, healthy, nutritious food.

Take Control

Control your body, don't let your body control you.

Experienced Partner

Every journey is better with a knowledgeable guide.

Are you ready to get started?

My Nutrition Solutions

It's Not Just About
Weight Loss

Many clients come to me because they want to lose weight, but that's not always the case. My customized nutrition solutions are designed to meet your personal goals, whether that includes weight loss or not.

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30-Day Nutrition Intensive

This intensive tailored nutrition program, incorporates all aspects of wellness for a whole person approach to well-being.

Meal Plans

These meal plans taste delicious, maximize health benefits, and are curated by nutrition experts! Try them out today.

What Can You Expect?

Better Health

Look better, feel better

Enhanced quality of life

Increased vitality​

Improved digestion​

Better quality sleep

Greater physical stamina

Improved immune function

Better looking skin

More Knowledge

Take control of your well-being​

Empowered decision making

Learn how to grocery shop

Dine out with confidence

Discover culinary skills

Resources to maintain results

Recognize common pitfalls

Maneuver with applied agility

More Savings

Spend less at the store

Waste less food

Save time on shopping

Don’t buy more than you need

Save time creating grocery lists​

Enjoy eating more at home

No more fad diet investments

Reduced medical expenses

Where Do I Start?

“Every journey starts with a single step.  Your first step is to schedule a complimentary breakthrough call to share your story where we’ll determine your ideal path toward transformation”

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